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What’s happening if you combine American, British , Indonesian and Japanese Rock Style ? The answer is

Four rockers from West Java (Indonesia) founded in 2007, beginning to be heard in America, UK and Japan via Myspace. LUCILLE music style is very easy to ‘swallow’, it’s like people listening to rock band from both east and west. Very interesting !!! There’s nothing like LUCILLE who break the rules and fuse into new “Universal Rock Style”.

LUCILLE appearance in big event like Surya ProMild in 2010, Karnaval SCTV in 2011, and Fame Station venue in 2013 has to take a price become more famous and more people hear about the band. Lately a legendary reviewer from Rolling Stone UK “David Sinclair” take an interest about LUCILLE and write a review one of LUCILLE song.

For more info
http://jlucille69.blogspot.com/" href="http://jlucille69.blogspot.com/">http://jlucille69.blogspot.com/

VAMPS, Oblivion Dust, Paramore, One Ok Rock, L'Arc en Ciel
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